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Nobody can deny that the roof is an integral part of the house. In fact, without the roof, your home will not serve its purpose of offering you shelter and protection. The roof protects you from elements of the weather such as wind, rain, snow as well as extreme heat.  However, other than making your home a shelter from the elements, you want it to stand out. One way of making your home stand out is by painting the roof. Many roof types are suitable for painting. These include terracotta, concrete, and metal roofs. Even though roof painting seems extravagant, it has many benefits. Below are some benefits of roof painting in Adelaide:

Prolong Roof Life

As time goes by, your roof takes a beating. The snow, rain, wind, or sunlight significantly affect your roof. If the roof has no paint to offer some shied from these elements, it can age at an alarming rate. Consequently, you may have to spend large sums of money on repairs. To save you the stress, you can apply specialized painting on your roof. The well-done painting will offer a shield from these elements for up to ten years. However, be sure to get professional roof painters to do the job.    Less Energy Consumption   Applying bright paint on your roof will deflect the sunlight hence reducing the amount of heat that gets to your house. Consequently, your air conditioning bill will be reduced. The more reflected sunlight, the cooler your home will be. If you live in an area with a colder climate, you can opt for darker shades so that you absorb the heat from the roof.

Attractive Look

Every homeowner wants their home to be beautiful. As mentioned previously, your roof will continue to beat the more it is exposed to the elements of weather. After a while, your roof may not look as attractive as it did a year before. If it is a metal roof, it may begin to rust. A rusted roof is not a good look. A rusted roof can turn off a potential buyer if you are planning to sell your house no matter how good the other parts of the house are.  In Adelaide a painted roof, on the other hand, will attract buyers to your home, especially if it is a freshly painted roof. With an attractive roof, you can increase the price of your property because the beautiful roof will attract many buyers. Besides, the roof is the first thing the potential buyer will notice, so why not make it outstanding.    No algae or lichens Algae, lichens and any plant can hardly grow on a professionally painted roof. This is because the painted roof is an unfavourable environment for such plants to thrive. As a result, you do not have to worry about damages or leaks on your roof.

What colour to choose?

Having looked at the reasons why you should consider painting your roof, let us look at some of the factors to consider when choosing the right colour for your roof.    The neighbourhood You do not want to paint your roof in a colour that goes against the rules and covenants of your community. So before selecting a particular colour for your roof, go through these rules and agreements. This will save you money and time if you pick the right colour. Also, keep in mind the kind of colour your neighbour has on their roof to avoid unnecessary conflicts. The conflicts may arise if you end up picking the same colour as your neighbour's roof.

Colour coordination

The roof colour should match the colour of other parts of your home, such as the bricks, and the wooden siding. Having a clashing colour will end up making your home look unattractive. For example, if you have a grey house, go for black or dark grey roof paint. On the other hand, in case your home is cream, tan or brown, brown roof paint will be the right choice of colour.


Whichever colour you choose for your roof, make sure it is of the best quality and done by the best roof painters in Adelaide. When applied well, roof paint can last longer saving you the money you would spend on frequent repainting.

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